Vijay Karnik

Arnav Karnik, March 19, 2017

About Vijay Karnik: In His Own Words

My name is Doctor Vijay Raghunath Karnik and I am a doctor and a pathologist.

England was the Indian rulers for almost 150 years, so naturally, England was setting the tunes during their regime. Natives like us, Indians, did not have a say in their regime.There were two currents during the World War, one of the opinions was that India should not help British, because the British have been our rulers for a hundred-fifty years and they have done so many atrocities during their regime. The other current was that India definitely should help England in the World War. The reason for this is that if Mussolini and Hitler won, life would certainly change because they were dictators and they were branded as Nazis and Fascists.

They proudly used to say that the sun never sets in the British Empire because for example, Canada was a part of the British Empire, and for a long time, U.S. was also part of the British Empire, as well as India, Pakistan, and then all the Southeast Asian countries, they were all part of the British Empire. So whatever they were proudly saying, it was true.

After the war, even if they won the war, they wouldn’t be able to manage all these colonies, so naturally, they had to give India independence. This was one of the currents of opinion and this was one of the opinions of Royists. Manavendra Nath Roy was a philosopher and leader of the Freedom Movement in India. Both my uncles and my father were ardent disciples of M.N Roy and he always used to say that “Let us help Britain in the War.” And that exactly was true.