Anahita Jalilvand

Shanja Ferdous, March 21, 2017

Anahita Jalilvand: In Her Own Words

There is stuff that I wish were different about everything. In medicine, we see a lot of men, all men. So now because there are women and much more women now, some people say that there are no problems anymore because there are women being allowed and everything is fine. But there is still a lot of differences like sometimes patients when they see me no matter how many times I introduce myself as a doctor they still call me nurse or janitor or anything other than a doctor and that can be frustrating because when you work so hard and you are tired and want someone to look at you because someone has authority.
Are you okay with patients and other people treating you this way?

Not at all, it gets you down; I had a scenario once where we actually have a patient or nurse who says these things, you have to pick which side is gonna be, that you want to invest your efforts in. You know, sometimes it is not worth it. Sometimes you say no it's Doctor Jalilvand, or have to let it go, and sometimes you got to gently remind them I am the doctor. But other times when I am tired or already grumpy, sometimes patients have negative views. Sometimes people think doctors look only a certain way; for instance, once a family misread me and did not take me seriously when I was delivering bad news. If you do not communicate properly, it seems like you never talked to them to begin with. That can change the dynamic even after all the training.