Yong Ding

As Interviewed by Julia Ding, March 11th, 2015

Yong Ding: In his own words

My name is Yong Ding, and I have finished my college education. My profession? My profession is being a productive worker; working in a team environment, and contributing to human progressing.

Growing up, I understood poverty-actually, when I was growing up, people were actually the same level in terms of how rich or how poor, and I didnít realize what poverty was. Since everyone didnít have enough food, or didnít have enough clothing, or didnít have a good living environment; housing. And because everyone was about the same and we didnít feel any difference, I didnít realize what poverty was at the time.

Now, after growing up with a pretty good education, I have gained myself a pretty decent job and a decent income, and improved myself and my familyís living conditions; looking out, I can now realize what really is poverty, and what poverty means to a family or a person.

So the most important part of poverty is having enough food to eat; if people donít have enough food to feed themselves, they will not have enough energy and focus, to try to improve themself or improve the society to be a productive citizen to contribute to this society and make human beings progress. So I think the first and utmost important part of poverty is people can have enough food for themself. So thatís the most important thing to have people come out from poverty.

Then the next one, once people have enough food, they will have extra energy and time to learn stuff and improve themself to getting better-learning better skills and doing better things-to be more productive to the society; in return, they could also earn a better income and have better living standards.

So this is kind of like a feedback loop- like, if you have a good start, the chance for you to get a better finish is higher, compared to if someone has a very bad starting point. So the initial and most important part is people having enough food; they will have extra energy to contribute.