Atis Jurbergs

As Interviewed by Alexander Jurbergs, March 15, 2018

Atis Jurbergs: In His Own Words

Alex Jurbergs interviewing Atis Jurbergs over his immigration from Latvia to the United States.
I couldn’t speak a word of English when I came over to the United States. fortunately, my father had studied and gotten a degree from the University of Latvia so he could take foreign languages. He was able to converse with the American Soldiers in Germany. To find out where the dividing line was between East Germany and West Germany, to make sure to move all his family was moved to the Allied side.

Afterwards, my parents complained about having to eat so many green peas, they called them the green horror, but at least they had something to eat.

I had to leave, a toy truck my parents had painted for me over in Germany when I came to the United States. Aboard the ship was the first time I ever tasted Ice Cream, it was sort of warm and wasn't real cold, but it really tasted really good. We arrived on the ship in New Orleans on may the thirteenth, nineteen forty-nine. We lived in Mississippi on the cotton farm, for about half a year. My father found a higher paying job in memphis tennessee, so after the cotton harvest that fall, we moved to memphis tennessee

Yeah it was terrible, I couldn’t speak any English. Fortunately, I have an older brother who had already been to school a year ahead of me, so when I ran into real problems, I could get him out of class, to come straighten out what the problem was. I Remember one day it got so bad I just, Walked home in the middle of the day.