Mariem Fisher

As Interviewed by Adam Fisher, March 18, 2018

Mariem Fisher: In Her Own Words

I had a great childhood. It was very interesting, growing up we played a lot outside since we didnít have any video games or electronics. We used our imagination to create our own toys and our games. One of my favorite games we're building houses out of stones. We created a lot of instruments like flutes and drums.

I had five brothers and one sister, and a lot of cousins -- close to 56 from my dadís and my momís side.

Growing up in Morocco we had to walk to school, we didnít have any school buses. So me and my friends -- I lived in a big neighborhood with lots of friends -- we would have to walk about six miles away, shine or rain. We learned an Arabic language, French, math, religious, science. All the courses you guys are taking here too.

Most of the people who live in Morocco, which is 99% of Moroccans are Muslims.
The famous Moroccan dishes are couscous. We ate a lot of beef, chicken, lamb, seafood, -- and bread is a big part of the Moroccan meal. But the most famous ones are bastilla, which is a combination of almonds, boiled eggs, and chicken. For desert we just made cookies and cakes. Growing up in Morocco we ate a lot of fruits.

Coming to America is a dream come true for me and three of my brothers. We came here for education to finish school. My oldest brother, who first came to America, went to university of Texas here in Austin. That's how we ended up here. It was very exciting -- I was very happy to be here, and I still do.

America is a symbol of freedom, freedom of religious, freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness. And everybody, you know, including me -- we wanted to make a better life for ourselves and our children.