Miguel S.

As Interviewed by Colin Neaville, March 20th, 2018

Miguel S.: In His Own Words

I think that maybe at times in El Paso I was treated differently maybe because it was heavily hispanic cultured.

There was a time when I was selling cars-- I had a customer who I approached, welcoming him to our dealership, and he ultimately said: “I don’t speak to your kind.” So I think that’s the one which I think impacted me the most. I think with jobs is where it [discrimination] will impact the nation the most.

Now a-days-- I believe there’s more unity now a-days. I think a lot of stuff was hidden behind doors back in their [his parents'] time. It wasn’t as open as we see today--

My father doesn’t speak English but he understands it. He expressed a time where somebody was making fun of him maybe because he was in the wrong tense. So maybe he felt a little less, right.