Jim Li

As Interviewed by Jeffrey Li, March 19, 2018

Jim Li: In His Own Words

I was born in 1967. I was living in a small town in the central of China called Hubei Province close to the Yangtze River and the three Gorges.

Typically we woke up and did a quick breakfast, and go to school because we had morning self study around one hour before regular class. At that time it was very close to like now. We had elementary. We had first grade, and in middle school we had sixth grade to eighth grade. We had almost the same class as right now. We had language, math, chemistry, biology, and we have P.E. We have track and field every year. Itís pretty close, but even though we were poor at that time we still had very good teachers and a good school. I had very good grades from first grade to the end of middle school. I was always in the top one percent.

I had a younger brother who was four and a half years younger than me. At that time we would go swimming, climb mountains, and learn to plant vegetables, and play with kids around the school.

My parents were teachers of a high school. My dad taught language, and my mom taught biology. My parents were very busy so around seven years old I started to learn to cook. The first Chinese food I learned was how to cook rice.

China was very poor at that time. We lived in one room provided by the school without electricity or running water. We used candles for light and we went to the well and used buckets to carry water to bring back home and used buckets to keep water for regular use.