Joe Rice

As interviewed by Gavin Ratcliff, Febuary 7, 2018

Joe Rice: In His Own Words

*music plays*
Joe Rice: I lived in Lisbon, Texas, which was a little suburb of Dallas, is now part of Dallas. Early one morning I heard *unintelligible* that was announcing the Pearl Harbor event, and that got me interested. I graduated in May of 1943.
I remembered two buddies, one of them was Bill Reynolds in primary training, and the main thing about Bill Reynolds is that I saw a picture of his sister and I decided to start up a relationship there. I visited her in Ohio and even brought her down to Texas but that was the end of that, it didnít happen.
The other one was Walter Reach. One thing I remember about him was that he was thinking about marrying this girl. I visited him in the barracks and he was sitting there blowing smoke rings and trying to figure out the economics of getting married.
Sometimes we had to practice night flying and that we because airfields had to be black, this was in England, and I got lost in a P-501 on the ground. I ended up going across the runway and I just ticked on the other side when the other P50 went RRRRAAAAAWW.
The first P-501 I flew was a P-501-A and it had a Kurtis prop and a Allison engine and it was a winer, it went WEEEEEEEEH. Anyway, one time when I was barely familiar with it I landed on the field and I couldnít get it to stop and if I just tapped the brakes the propeller would curl up. Finally I got it stopped at the end of the runway and at the end of the runway there was a hill that went up 45 degrees so if I had gone much further I would have had a bad crash up.

Interviewer: Well thank you.