As Interviewed by Z.D., March 18, 2018

Z.D: In Her Own Words

Hi, My name is Nina Prasad and I interviewed Mrs. Z.D. who is going to talk about her time in the USSR.

Lenin, he came [and] collect some people around and they make revolution. They kill all tsar, very good generals, army, very high culture people. It was terrible thing and in governor came, for example, yesterday he just cleaned streets today he minister of something. They choose president. His first name was Elchibe. If you see him, my god, he couldn't say two words. But he should be leader and Azerbaijan is very, you know, rich country and everyone is laughing. He didn't know how to behave when Margaret Thatcher, from England, he should talk to her. He didn't know what to do because he was very low culture.

So, he became president of Azerbaijan. System didn't work. Socialism and then communism, it didn't work because you go to store, you don't see anything in store. Just empty everything, empty and governor couldn't do anything. And when I was in music academy, I should play big program but it wasn't enough. No one give me diploma if I don't have exam for communism, about Marx, about Edgars, Lenin, how they make it. It was terrible, of course. Lenin asked Heyder Aliyev help because we don't what can happen in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan was crazy, you know, everyone can go to every store and take gun and tell me just, "Who are you? Give me this. give me this. You will not give me? I kill you," you know. It was terrible. And Heyder Aliyev was very strong very, very smart. He understand everything. He understand in music. He understand in theatre. He was very, very good because for short time, very short time, how he can make it, everything short time, maybe, At least three months. Everything in Azerbaijan went very good. And we have now better, better, better, better, better, time. And he has beautiful and very smart wife. She is like model. He make her vice president. But it not just because she is his wife. No. She talk Azeri, or course Russian, English, Turkish, French. She knows everything. She understands everything. She is wonderful. She is wonderful. I met her because it was some competition and I was judge, and she was sponsor to make this music competition. And she came, first when I saw her, I just sit down. I can not just talk because I feel " My god how god can make so beautiful person." She is wonderful. She is wonderful.