Frank Del Castillo

As Interviewed by Alex Kiehn, March 10, 2018

Frank Del Castillo and the Hitchhiker

It was dark, because I was driving from Houston to College Station, and it was pretty late at night, and I was getting tired. So as I was approaching Hempstead, I saw this hitchhiker and I figured if I picked him up we could have a conversation, and it would help keep me awake. And so I picked him up. We drove just a couple of miles, and I didnít really like the guy. And so I had decided that I was gonna go tell him that I was headed to Austin versus College Station, and that he would have to get out. And so I pulled over on the side of the road, and told him to get out. He opened the door, and turned around with a knife. He told me to turn around and go back to Houston. So not knowing what to do I turned around, and we drove, and he told me to exit the freeway, and pull into the bowling alley parking lot. And I did that, then he told me to get out. [I was a] little hesitant, didnít want to, didnít want to give him my car. And when I didnít, so he took the knife and stabbed me in the side. I got out of the car and went over to the street, to the access road. He got out and got into the driverís side, and he took off with the car. So I went up to the access road, and my side was hurting, and the knife was still there. So I pulled the knife out, and I can remember standing in the middle of a three lane access road, waving my hands, trying to get somebody to stop, and then I realize there is a knife in my hand, whoís gonna stop for someone with a knife in there hand? So I tossed it to the side of the road, and then a guy in a pickup truck pulled over. And he drove me to Spring Branch Memorial Hospital.