Lin Li

Andy Wang, 3/18/18

Lin Li: In Her Own Words

Lin: I was in 8th grade, about 13 years old. I was's hard to describe. I was pretty scared. At first we, I don't think any of us know what happened, so the teacher, at least my teacher was just calling us back into the classroom to start the lesson. The students, it was so so long ago, I only remember my friends faces frozen with fear. I know the victim. Its Ming Li. I don't really know the murder. Finally we know that it happen because of impulsive action. So it's kinda like a remind to us that you need to think before we act. They were in a fight, actually it was not a fight, a bully, the victim was hitting the murder with a chair and he was asking the murder to kneel down on the floor and he was literally banging his head with a chair. That guy was a pretty nice guy. He was very scared, because of all the fightings, the bullies going around to school. So he brought a knife with him to defend himself. He was hit pretty bad. He was sentenced 10 years in prison.
Andy: Thank you for your time.
Lin: Oh you’re welcome.