Kelvin Lam

As interviewed by Kaylie Lam, 3/20/18

Kelvin Lam: In His Own Words

My name is Kaylie Lam and I interviewed my dad about growing up during the Vietnam war and how his sister had helped him.

She took care of me when I was a kid, especially when we were very poor, she gave up her food portion to me because I am a growing boy. Iím hungry. She was like okay don't worry, you can have this.

She bite a little, but sometimes Iíd say no you have to eat too. I have my own heart for her, I love her. But she would have one bite and say ďI'm full.Ē She always tried to find an excuse to not eat it. She would say she's too full, you can have it.

Because my parents went out to work, she always stayed around to make sure Iím safe. We lived in a very dangerous area, nothing was safe around the house. You can die via electricity shocks, you could die because of drowining because of the river. Thereís nothing you couldnít die from. You could die from silly things, like sharp objects and getting infected since there was no medication or antibiotics to fight back. So, she was around to keep me safe most of the time.

She taught me what was dangerous and what not to do, yelled at me, and brough me home. Iím a boy, I do crazy things, but she kept me safe. I loved it.

She washed my clothes. I only had one set of clothes to go to school. Every night, she washed it and hung it by the window so the wind from the river would dry it and I would have clean clothes to wear, not a different set of clothes, but they were clean clothes. She didnít want me to get dirty.