Marinella Temprosa

As Interviewed by Jay Campanell, March 10, 2018

Marinella Temprosa: In Her Own Words

I came to the US in 1986 November 26th 1986. I came here because my mother lived here already, so this is the story that we had at that time. Two years before that my mother came to the US to have a better life for us so while she was in the US we were left in the Philippines. I was 11 years old when she left and she told me that I had to take care of the family. I have 3 Brothers one older two younger and I had to go grocery shopping, I had to take care of the money because my dad was always somewhere else. We had a helper to take me to the market but I had to you know figure out what we're going to buy how much we're going to have and how far we can make the money last for food and for everything that we need at home.

When we came to the US I was so happy my mom is there after 2 years without having a mom. It felt so good just to have a mom again but because she had to work two jobs to support the family I also had to be mini mom again because I had to cover for her she work during the day but at night and weekends and holidays. She had to work because she had to pay for everybody because when she first came to the US or know when she first got her first job her her boss didn't give her a competitive salary. So at that time even though she had really good qualifications patience cause she was a health professional in the Philippines and it was similar job here and they paid her less because she was an immigrant.That's why she had to work on the weekends and nights for phlebotomy. That also means that we had to have our holidays a little bit different because she's always working at those time so we either had them really early in the morning or late at night when she comes home.

So when we first came here the best Thanksgiving that we had was the first Thanksgiving we had in the US we came on the day of Thanksgiving in 1986 and it was so impressive. The turkey was so big we've never had that before I've never had apple pie and it was so impressive the turkey was so big we've never had that before you never had apple pie with your grandma cook or bake that was the best tasting apple pie ever had and she really put all her love and her and her care and cooking that meal. We were so tired coming from the airport and her care and cooking that meal so we were so tired coming from the airport when we got to the house we were so impressed with all the spread we had for Thanksgiving so whenever we have a Thanksgiving now I always think about that day we first came and we got reunited with our mom.