John Golden

As interviewed by Nate Mackintosh, March 21, 2018

Stacy Mackintosh: In Her Own Words

He was with the FBI initially for two years when President Kennedy was shot and, at the time, his roommate was Clint Hill, one of the Secret Service Agents that was in the car with President Kennedy when he was shot and Clint Hill recruited him to the Secret Service after the Kennedy assassination, so he switched over to the Secret Service then. So there were a wide variety of things that they would do. It depended on what office he was working in. Because he was under the Department of Treasury, on a daily basis there were counterfeit cases where someone would try to pass off counterfeit money, which, at the time, I felt that that was something he did a lot of. They investigated anyone who made any sort of threat at all on the president. They had to go investigate and find out if that was actually a threat that they needed to take seriously, or if it was just, you know, a crazy person, which, most of the time, that was the case. I think he was very focused, strong willed, some would say stubborn, but I think that also gave him a kind of stick-with-it-nes, that he was determined to find the answer if it was something more on the investigative side. And he also had good intuition, he was a good people person, he could read people very well, and was easy to talk with. Sometimes he was at the White House, so he had, what they called, White House detail, so he was with Johnson and Nixon on a daily basis driving the cars they were in, protecting them in large crowds. He met a lot of, not just the president, but a lot foreign dignitaries, and foreign presidents, and prime ministers and all sorts of really important people that would get protection when they would come over here as well, especially if they were traveling in the Dallas area when we were living in Dallas. A lot of what they did was when the presidents would travel places, they would always have a team that would go to that city, wherever the president was travelling to and set up the protection for the president ahead of time, and a lot of times he couldnít tell us where he was going Ďcause they didnít want the public to know when exactly the president was going to be arriving, just for safety reasons. So there was direct coverage of presidents, presidentsí families, and former presidents, foreign dignitaries that would come to the United States, or, on a daily basis, there were counterfeit cases or investigations into threats against the president. A lot of people didnít understand the capacity of everything the Secret Service did other than covering the president the protecting the president.