Daniel Mccord

As Interviewed by Helen Singletary, March 16, 2018

Daniel Mccord:In His Own Words

And everyday you’d get these mission logs, you’d have to go to these briefings; and they would talk about different units that were part of our bigger unit. Everyday you’d hear about green platoon, and this platoon, and this company came under attack last night. They had sniper fire, they got hit by a roadside bomb, and you’d check to make sure, is my buddy in viper safe, I’m glad they’re okay. In some cases they weren’t, and you worried. Is that going to happen to us?
Well we’re traveling all over this country to some of the most dangerous places on the most dangerous roads. Is that going to happen to us? And so that first time we went out, we prayed. I got my Christian brothers together, the few that really were strong believers and we asked the lord to take care of us, and thankfully we were okay, we came back. And so the next day, and the next mission we did it again. And the next day, and the next, and after the first couple weeks it kinda caught on. Everyone who said they were Christian after that first month, man we were all getting in there. After the second month, everybody, everybody besides like two guys. Everybody but those two guys were in on the group. After the third month like even those two guys, and they wanted to man, they wanted to. Whether it was superstition or whatever, after the fourth, I remember it was kind of a funny thing, even our interpreter. We actually had him pray one time, I know he believes a little bit different than I do, but I respect his faith, I wasn’t trying to, not trying to hold that against him. I was like, “Hey man, why don’t you pray today.” He prayed in Arabic, nobody understood a thing he said, but he wanted to pray with us too, cause he knew.

I’d go to these intelligence briefings, and we had a major who was our intelligence officer. He would tell us, “Hey we know there’s a pocket here, alright, there’s a group of bad guys that are here. Make sure on your missions that you’re avoiding those places, steer clear.” And then I go to the next meeting and my boss would be like, “Hey Dan, we need you to go to that place.” And it just seemed impossible, it seemed impossible that we weren’t just coming under attack everyday. And it became a thing, and people knew it all over the country, I don’t know where else. People just knew like somehow we were avoiding it. We were avoiding those type of attacks, and anytime anybody came into the country, from wherever they were coming in, we’d get a mission.

It wasn’t just that we didn’t get attacked once, I mean I’ve got some good friends where even when your talking to them, I mean it was every week, it was every month. I mean it was two or three times a month, it wasn’t just once it was double digits sometimes. It was just amazing because of the environment. We were just asking for it, they knew we were coming, they knew how we were getting there. It was a worst case scenario security situation. We kept praying, and we kept coming home, thankfully safe.