Aniko Paul

As Interviewed by Ally Kellar, 3/16/18

Aniko Paul: In Her Own Words

My family had a very difficult time when I was growing up in Hungary because after the second world war, the Russians had occupied the country and they had put in their own government to rule Hungary. This government was very suppressive to the people who lived there and my family. Everything that my family owned was taken away from us by the government, so it was a very difficult time. The revolution started in 1956 and it slowly built up. It was started by university students first organized, and then slowly started. Then the revolution spread to the general population and so everybody was later on fighting the Russians and the communist government. It didn't last very long because the Russians came in with tanks and bombs and they overruled the revolution after it started in October, 1956 and by November 5 they came in with tanks and the Hungarian military joined the revolution but they didn't have the equipment the Russians had and so the Russians won and again overtook the country. I was with my family, I was only sixteen and my sister was a university student and she took part in the revolution but my parents didn't let me go because of my age. I was scared because nobody exactly knew what was going to happen. Nobody knew whether the Russians would bomb the whole city where I was living. It turned out because the people did not really have heavy military equipment against the Russians, it didn't take the Russians a long time, so part of the city was bombed. many people were killed but I was fortunate, my family and I were fortunate we were not hurt. The public joined the university students who started the revolution. there was a very brutal political policeman run by the Russians. The students were captured by the policeman. many were executed and well known for their brutality to other people. So basically, there was a government change after the revolution but the Russians have decided who was going to be the new president. There are no elections in Hungary where people cant really take part in World War. There were many events that happened before. When I was a little girl there was the second world war. I don't remember much of it, only the city was bombed. We owned a factory and the factory was burned. So a lot of bad things happened during the second world war. And then later on when I was eleven years old, that's when the government confiscated everything that we owned and they deported us to a farm for two years and we were not allowed to leave. I couldn't go to school because there was no school. There were very few kids. My father ought us but it was not like real school. Then the dictator in Russian died and teh government became a little more helpful to the people. It was a difficult situation.