Sunni Markowitz

By: Laney Stephens, 3-19-18

Sunni Markowitz interveiw

In 2010 Sunni Markowitz started a camp for girls called camp Lantern creek in Montgomery Texas. This is her story.
I decided to start a camp in 2004 and tried to buy an existing summer camp that I grew up going to. When that deal didn't happen. It took about 7 years to get the courage to start my own from scratch. So I think the hardest thing for me was I had to learn how to run a business. I have a degree in education and psychology and the other thing that was really hard for me was to learn to take risks and now I'm pretty comfortable with that. A lot of the people that we first started working with felt like girls and women couldn't do everything to take care of a hundred acres or so run a business. So we got a lot of, Nothing too hard, but we were talked down to a lot and a lot of words like darling and honey and you know, where's the man of the house? Things like that. We heard that a lot.
when I wasn't able to make the deal with the camp. I thought I was going to buy. It took me seven years to get up the courage to think that I really could start from scratch and then I just decided I could do it. It's taught me that if I put my mind to something, I can do anything. I really didn't know how to run a business and now I'm not only running a business, but I paid off my loans and I'm making a profit and learning how to set my budget better and the things that really did not come easy to me and so I really had to learn how to do that meant. The other thing that this really taught me as I'm a really good mentor.
The reason why I was so inspired to start a camp is I think my camp experience really helped make me who I am today. It opened my eyes and heart and mind to people who had different life than me and I was able not only to be their front and live with them and learn from them. Going to camp taught me my love for children and gave me my first experience working with them. It taught me to be a leader. It's taught me to speak up for what I believe in and do that in a way that I'm not hurting someone else's feelings, that I can respectfully disagree with someone I care about.
I think especially now in today's world, that summer camp allow campers to learn to be independent, to make decisions for themselves and to make mistakes. Like to try something new, make a mistake, and then try something different. Well, I think that especially middle school girls need to remember that middle school though. It can be a tough time if it was a great time to explore who are and who you want to be and to try and make that a reality.
When times are tough in middle school you have to remember that it's really two or three years of wave that you have to let go over you and most of it is out of your control. So you know, middle schoolers are those times when the, you know, everything's social is happening in. Some of that is just out of your control, as are some of your emotions and feelings. You just have to breath in and breathe out and get through it and stay true to who you are. Learn to stay true to who you are and what you believe in. Even in the toughest of times.