Rebecca Liu

As Interviewed by Irena Li, March 18,2018

Rebecca Liu in Her Own Words As Interviewed by Irena Li

Iím different from other women that come to America. Some married came here and became a stay-at-home mom, but I went to graduates school. The reason I could go to graduates school was because in China I already had a very advanced education. In China, I already had a masters degree. I graduated from Chinaís best university; Bei Jing College. This was my advantage, when I came to America I was already well educated. But one of my biggest challenges I faced here was language.

Although my English reading and writing had no problems, my speaking compared to Native Americans there's a big difference, that was my disadvantage. And also because I was an immigrant, I wanted to have kids and needed to stay at home so career wise compared to Chinese people my own age there is a notable difference. If I stayed in China Iíd be a high-level manager in my work. But at my current work, I chose not to become a manager because I still have to take care of my family and my kids are still young.

I like working but sometimes I still want a break because work can get very busy.My office has had many women have kids and then quit because they just couldn't juggle caring for kids and being a full-time CPA. If you don't commit 50-60 billable hours a week you cant advance to management. Many women face these challenges, but immigrant women have more barriers like language skills.

Americans aren't really used to having Asians as leaders. There is discrimination everywhere you go, but now we are fighting for it to end.