Oscar Woytek

As interviewed by Jack Woytek, March 18, 2018

Oscar Woytek: In His Own Words

Iím Oscar Woytek and Iím 75 years old. I was raised in Lavaca County in Texas. Got a couple of degrees in Texas A&M. One in undergraduate biomedical science and one in the doctor of veterinary medicine.

Well I think that I try to base my belief on racism and not the color of the skin or the nationality, but how good their work ethic was and if they are responsible, good, law abiding people. I was raised that way, my parents, my dad respected people who worked and took care of their family. It didnít make a difference what color or creed they were from, that is what we believed in. When I was growing up, when there was segregation, itís just the way things were, we accepted it, but we still respected [them].

When I was in high school and junior high, the schools were separate. And so we would go to the ball games, you know football games, and support the local teams just like they would be one of our high schools. It was a very small town, everybody respected and supported each other.

Again [with] my parents it was just mutual respect and everybody knew everybody whether white or black minorities and if they were good honest people they were respected. If they were bad and werenít responsible, they were disrespected.

Well there were so few African Americans when I went to school, I donít think they were treated differently. In fact, if they did attend college with us they were highly respected, because they knew how hard they had to work to go to college.

Well I think [segregation] is so much better today than it used to be, because segregation is not fair. People should not be segregated on race or color. And I donít think there should be segregation or [people] treated differently because of the color of their skin. Itís so much better now [and] everybody should have the same opportunity to succeed and be successful.

Again there were not many Mexican American here, but the African Americans here, they respected them if they were good people and treated people fairly and did what was right, whether white or black. If there was a white person that did not do what was right well, then he was disrespected. Most of the black people were really good people [and] hard working. The main thing that people I grew up with respected was people who had a good work ethic, being responsible and taking care of their families.

Do you think that racism has fully been demolished?

No, I donít think it ever will be because men arenít perfect and I donít care what the country or state [says], that's just human nature. There are some people that are going to feel like they are better than somebody else. We are all equal.