Ian Crocker

As interviewed by EL, March 10, 2018

Ian Crocker: In His Own Words

ďIím Emerson Longi and I interviewed Ian Crocker about his Olympic experiences and his impact on the swimming world. I watched the Olympics on TV and that was kind of when I got inspired and wanted to someday go to the Olympics. I was really nervous when I went to the Olympic trials my first time. I was 17 years old, just about to turn 18, I had just graduated from high school, and at that point I had been swimming for 10 years and I felt like all that work had led up to this one swim meet, so I was really nervous. I feel like I have a lot experience as a competitor, from the age group level, to the national team level to the Olympic team, and swimming in college. And I feel like if I were to just take a job as an accountant for example, I would take all that experience gained over the years and just kind of throw it out the window. Iíd rather put that experience to good use and I feel like this is the best way to help people with what Iíve gone through in my life, and to help them learn from the lessons that I learned. And share the experience of younger swimmers improving and reaching their goals, and that is more satisfying than shooting after my own goals. It has a better, more positive impact on the people around me rather than just benefiting myself. I think like we were able to have a good impact on the advancement of the sport.Ē