Toshio Nishida

as interviewed by Eva Schwarm, March 19th, 2018

About Toshio Nishida

I am Eva Schwarm and I will be interviewing Toshio Nishida, my Japanese teacher, about what itís like to be a kid in Japan.

My name is Toshio Nishida. Iím the japanese teacher at Kealing middle school and Mccallum high school. Iím from Japan. Iíve been teaching here for eighteen years.

ďWhat was it like being a kid in Japan?Ē

Lot of homework. Then, usually they go to cram school, juku. Where students go after school. So not much free time. We usually study at school or study at home or study at juku. Juku, itís usually night time, like, six to nine oíclock, sometimes on the weekends. Basically, thereís a teacher there, and then, work on more problems, more homework. In Japan, students stay in the same classroom all day, and teachers walk around. Japanese students bacicly more quiet and classes are more like lecture style. So, students quietly listen and take notes. We start learning english in middle school.