Shilpa K.

by Nirmiti K., March 10, 2018


My name is Nirmit Kerkar and I will be interviewing Shilpa Kerkar about dowries.
What is your definition of a dowry?

So my definition of a dowry is things that a parent has to give the boy’s family for a girl to get married to him. It happens without choice. It’s not something that the parents want to give or can afford to give, but they have to give for the marriage to happen.
What made you realize how dowries were affecting people?
So the first time I realized that was when I was 10 years old. We just woke up on a Sunday morning. My parents wouldn’t let us go out. They said we had to stay inside the house. And after some time we heard ambulances and police cars coming, you know the sirens. And after some time, my mom went out with her friends and I went with her. And they were standing outside this house saying stuff like stop dowry, get justice for--I forget the name of the person--and that’s when, you know just listening to other people, I realized that there was a daughter-in-law inside that particular house who had committed suicide. And the general consensus was that it was because the family, the in-laws, had been asking her to get more dowry and she was not willing to do that. So I guess there was emotional abuse going on in their house.