Nancy Wang

As Interviewed by Daniel Wang, 3/15/2018

Nancy Wang: In Her Own Words

After World War II we lost the civil war with Communist China. That time they had just finished fighting the Japanese. They fought Japan for about eight years, from the 1920's until 1945 when the war ended. So at that time we had war for about eight years, the people are real poor and they don't know what to do. Then the communist took over wanting to save the country. My dad was in the Air Force, at that time he was a young pilot. He was a leader of some kind of group in Nanking. At that time Nanking was the capital of the Republic of China. The communist were the People's Republic of China. Ours was the Republic of China. At that time around 1949 or 1948 I come to Taiwan. Nanking direct flight to Taiwan. We leave first. When Chiang Kai-shek, the leader at that time before Communism, decided to move to Taiwan. Two million people including government officials moved to Taiwan.So when we moved to Nanking to Taiwan we moved to Tao Ren. That time we only thought we would stay in Taiwan for a couple of years. But after 2 or 3 years we knew we could never go back, but that time we only thought we would be in Taiwan for maybe two years. I think for my dad's heart he hoped that someday he could go back. But they can not trust Communist China, that time, that generation. That was sixty years ago, but Communist China was really tough. My grandpa, they didn't come with us, they thought Communist China wouldn't last forever.