Mark Carder

As interviewed by SJ Naftel, March 20, 2018

Mark Carder: in his words

I started painting in oil in 1985. I dropped out of college and and I started painting portraits about two years later starting at $800 and I painted a lot of wealthy people by word of mouth primarily and then I slowly raised my prices up and then I did the painting of four-star general of the commandant of the Marine Corps which was a big break that happened when I was about 28 or 29. That led to one thing, one commission and another commission and then finally 2001 maybe or 2000 I painted President Bush senior, but it was after he was out of office, and I did it for a big award that he was winning and they asked me to do this portrait for I think about $10,000. And then several years later I had painted Secretary of State James Baker, I painted several senators and speaker of the house and various people. Then commission to do President Bush about 2 months before he left office, We were in The White House and spent an entire day looking for the spot where I would take his pictures, and two days later I met with the president for about an hour and a half. I took a whole bunch of pictures of him home in few months later I had a completed portrait, which I did from photographs. I spent about 30 minutes on a Monday morning in the oval office showing him the painting. And then he met us up in Philadelphia so he flew up for that and it was just a few months before he left office turn all the media and everything in fact I think you can go on YouTube and watch an old CNN video of me unveiling it, and then after that I decided I wanted to teach because I think I enjoy that a lot more. IN 2007 I sold about $2,000,000 worth of those DVDs.