Raymond Perez

As interviewed by William Yang, March 8, 2018

Raymond Perez: In His Own Words

This is Raymond Perez, and he will talk about poverty.

My name is Raymond Perez. I was born in the Philippines in 1977. I currently work at Telenetwork as VP of Technology.

What were the positive and negative impacts of digital technologies in your time period?

While I was there, we didn't really have that much access to digital technology while I was there, so it's hard to say. I think the biggest positive impact I can think of now, just looking back, is communication. Back then, when my mom went to the United States for work, I didn't really have an easy way to communicate with her, so we wouldn’t hear from each other for months -- not seeing or being able to talk to each other. Now you can just, you can call anyone anywhere, you can Facetime. You can use a lot of technology to stay in touch. You can email pictures and things like that. That would’ve been nice. For a while we didn’t have a phone, so we would actually travel an hour away to a relative who had a phone at a pre-scheduled time so I could call my mom. It would be a long-distance call, a landline, and talk. My dad, my brother, and myself would talk for a few hours. We knew we wouldn’t be able to communicate for a while after that, so it was catching up. That’s probably the biggest impact I would say.

Did it bother you not being able to talk to your mom?

Yeah, you wanna be able to stay in touch. It was definitely hard because I’m sure it was hard being away from her kids and not knowing. She left when I was around seven years-old. She would come back and I would be completely different. Changing from seven to eight. She was gone for about seven years on and off. So, there were a lot of changes that she missed -- a lot of things that happened.

Do you know why she left? Was it because of work?

Yes, it was essentially she wanted a better life for us so she was a nurse like a lot of Filipinos are and there is a lot of opportunity for her to come here and essentially pursue a better life. A better living. That’s why she came over here.