Austin Interfaith Volunteer

As Interviewed by Will Bolduc, March 14, 2018

Austin Interfaith Volunteer: In Her Own Words

An Austin Interfaith volunteer discusses Capital IDEA’s job training program and her experiences with it.

It provides—usually people in their twenties, thirties, forties -- an opportunity to get a two-year Associate's Degree which improves the quality of their life because now they are way above minimum wage. Many of them will start out, make forty, fifty thousand a year. A large number have entered the nursing profession.

For me, the exciting thing about Capital IDEA is there was a study that showed that in families who have this Associate’s Degree, their children all went to college, which I think breaks the back of poverty. I’ve met some nurses who were in the program, and they are now doing very, very well and living well. Living what I would call good middle-class lives.

I met this one woman, and she was in the nursing program, didn’t really like it that well, and then we had a number of the car dealerships here requested mechanic’s training. And mechanics can do quite well, up to sixty thousand a year, and she said she had worked with her father on cars, kind of the backyard mechanic, and she loved to do that. So, she came out of the nursing program and trained to be a mechanic. Very happy, very well paid.