Jerry Adams

As Interviewed by Ellyce D., March 3, 2018

Jerry Adams : In His Own Words

I work kidnappings of little babies -- and generally little babies donít leave footprints anywhere, and they donít leave fingerprints anywhere. So we would have to start investigating: where they were when they were taken, who was there when they were taken, what evidence is left in that area that is different from their mother and their father or their brother and their sister. And then we follow that to wherever itís going to take us.

Sometimes when a baby is kidnapped parents will get a letter or maybe even a telephone call that says we will give your baby back if you will pay us so much money. If they donít have that money then thereís a real problem, except the FBI will be the ones that will come in and help them and we wonít pay the money, but we will set it up so that we can arrest the people and get the baby back without any money being spent.
One of the biggest kidnapping cases that we worked was on Patricia Hearst, and thatís on TV right now. And she was a young lady, she was in her teens, her early twenties -- and she was kidnapped, and they asked for a lot of money and everything for her, and ultimately we were able to rescue her.

Were there any cases where they took the people to different countries?

There were several times when they did that -- and we were able to, then again, go to those foreign countries, work with our companions over there within their laws, and get the people located. Yes, we do a lot of that.

Was it harder to work with their laws compared to the U.S. laws?

Itís difficult to say whether itís harder to work or not with them. Weíll obey their laws, but sometimes we have to then have somebody thatís in a high position in our country talk to somebody thatís in a high position in their country to see if some of the looser parts of that -- thatís not working -- so we can help our people. And sometimes they can do that, sometimes they canít. There are still people that we are not able to get from various countries.