Ajay Ramji

As interviewed by Manu Singhal, March 15, 2018

Ajay Ramji: In His Own Words

I am Ajay Ramji. I am a computer architect at Intel.

I did -- I did set my apartment on fire, almost. So, I kept a pot, with oil, for cooking. I was alone at home. We were in the 7th floor of the building. I put the pot, I picked my phone, and I was rambling on about how she forgets stuff, no kidding. Sh- I was actually rambling about how I keep telling her stuff and she forgets about something -- I don't remember exactly what forgot. Something and blah blah blah blah blah, and I went on for 10 minutes with her and then 15 minutes with another friend.

And then -- I was in the bedroom, I came out and I couldn't see anything. It was full, black smoke. I saw the kitchen was like -- [blows a raspberry]. There was a big fire, and I ran out. I knocked on the neighbor’s door. And then the whole hallway was full of smoke. There was a long hallway -- it was full smoke. The alarms, of course, started on at that point of time. I knocked at our neighbors and I was like, “I don't know how to use the fire extinguisher Can you help?” And then she was like, “I don't know either!” So I’m like, “Okay, can you help me find a fire extinguisher?’ Then she was like “Oh, there is something under your sink.” Till then I didn't know you had a fire extinguisher under your sink.

I took it, I still didn't know what to do. I think by that time, because the fire alarm triggered, pretty much everybody started evacuating from the apartment complex. The firemen were there. That apartment complex had some kind of handyman right there. And then they came in. I switched it off, the fire went off. It thankfully didn't burn the cabinets.

Yeah -- that’s the most adventurous, stupid thing I have done.