Police Brutality

4/3/18, 3/20/18

H.J.: In His Own Words

H.J. is my dad, and Ive known him for pretty much my whole life. My dad has moved a lot, especially as a child. Id say the longest time he lived in one household was when he lived with me. He went to many schools around the Austin area. He played sports all the time while he was in school and loves every sport he ever played. The highschool my dad went to was Reagan High School. While he was at Reagan, he met my mom along with some of his lifelong friends.
In the interview my dad and I discuss how he was in the middle of leaving school when he got pulled over for a traffic stop. The traffic stop seemed very unusual to him. The police were making it a very big deal. This all happened in the 1990s, when police brutality seemed common and was getting noticed.