As Interviewed by R.L, March 25, 2018

K.T. : In Her Own Words

Itís really difficult to start a family -- it can be very expensive to even attempt do anything like that. Obviously, you need outside influence to have kids, and my partner really wants to have kids, so that is really difficult.

The second thing is that weíre an international couple -- and that complicated things to an extreme. So, my partner is from a country that does not have gay marriage, but they do recognize unions from different countries, luckily. And as Americans, we can get married, so we would have to get married in the States for it to be recognized in either of our home countries, but from there, since we are international people, and we really like to travel, it can get pretty hairy reading the policies of different places. And my partner wants to work internationally, and so if I wanted to follow her, that can get really complicated really fast.

These are just things regular couples just donít really need to worry about as much -- of course, it can still be difficult -- male-female couples have issues and difficulties, but it is just not the same level. And they really donít need to worry about that kind of discrimination, even if they get to be together. And that has been really hard.