As Interviewed by Ned Yu, March 18, 2018

B.M: In her Own Words

[B.M. describes her father’s experiences during the Cultural Revolution.]

What are your thoughts on the Cultural Revolution?

The Cultural Revolution was a disaster -- and it destroyed the education for that generation of Chinese people.

How old was your father when this happened?

He was in his 30s, and he had already had a job. Your grandfather was affected because before the Cultural Revolution began, China liked to do a lot of activities, and the leader of the Cultural Revolution, Mao Zedong, also liked a lot of activities. During all of those events, your grandfather was tied into one -- and he had to split up his family’s valuables and divide it to everyone else. Many high-ranking officials believed that your grandfather had a lot of valuables, more than the average person, so he had to divide them up to all the people. They took your grandfather's animals, such as the horses and the mules, and other animals that were required for farming. This included taking your grandfather’s land and dividing it away to other people.

Your grandfather had gotten a job. However, he soon wanted to switch. However, when he wanted to switch, the leaders of the Human Resource Department said no, and they said that “trash people like you” aren’t allowed to go to this area to get a new job.” So your grandfather proposed another idea and said: “How about I go to this worser place instead?” The leaders of the department said, “Oh, that place isn’t that good anyways, so yeah, sure, you can go there.” And then your grandfather figured out how to get from his assigned job to the job he had always wanted.