Meirun Lu

As Interviewed by Anthony Lu, March 14, 2018

Meirun Lu: In His Own Words

How did Chinese New Year and other holidays like that affect the fact that you had to eat a limited amount of food?

At that time, China had a food shortage, but when New Year’s came, the government would always give bigger rations for every supply -- so New Years at that time, when I was little, was the best for food, for everything. Everything almost double. So basically for family, the best time for food, supplies, for new clothing, for everything, New Year’s was the best, best time because every family try to make their family happy on New Year’s day. So they would save food for the whole year just for several days, for the New Year celebration.

So the government, even though everything was in shortage and the times were difficult, the government would still let everybody be happy and celebrate?

What the government did is they would limit supplies for every month, every week, except for New Year. The government would save a lot in warehouses. So right before the New Year’s, they would give people more stuff that they would normally.

So Chinese New Year was like the day that you were way too excited for?

So everyone was excited, but the New Year was before and after right? So this is a big event for everybody, for the whole. Also the Chinese tradition was, no matter where you are, no matter how far away you are from your family, New Year was always the time you come back for your family reunion. Even for China right now, New Year has a huge impact on the transportation. China has a huge amount people leaving home, working in other cities, even other parts of the world, but always Chinese tradition to go back home on New Year. So all the buses, the trains, the planes are so busy on the New Year because everybody wants to go home no matter where they are.

Do you think Chinese New Year then was bigger than Chinese New Year now, or do you it is still an extremely big, extremely exciting holiday?

Still extremely big, but not as big as used to be...