José Eduardo Pérez Gómez

As Interviewed by Hannah L., March 13, 2018

José Eduardo Pérez Gómez: In His Own Words

Eduardo tells the interviewer about immigrants in America.

Americans are very nice people, but one thing they don’t know how to do is survive. Because they’re not put in those situations because America’s a really good country. And so Americans don’t know how to survive the immigrant lifestyle. That’s not their fault cause they don’t need to immigrate.

Sometimes immigrants who stay at home should have risked their life to come here because the life they have there is not a life to live. And it’s a tremendous risk to come here. It’s a tremendous risk to jump, to just hang there on a day-to-day, on a week, weekly paycheck. They live paycheck to paycheck, and honestly the fact that immigrants are in this country has allowed the country to exist, stable -- despite predatory housing loans given to the middle class between these terrible foreign policies.

The fact that the American economy still stands is frankly due to some pretty good, dangerous policy that had never been done before -- and to that extra buffer that this non-informal immigrant sector... Like, we’re gonna assume that immigrants are a problem on the fiscal dealings of the U.S., than we have to agree that immigrant use of American money is significant, they make a significant contribution if we think there’s a significant problem, right? They make a significant contribution. But immigrants don’t get any of those benefits. All of those benefits are purely for American citizens.

So it is currently a predatory relationship between the U.S. and its immigrant population, which in Texas, I would venture to say, that it is more significant than the polls suggest. Because we can’t vote, convicts can’t vote, immigrants can’t vote, there are some older people across all races cannot vote as readily...