William V Bridgeman

As Interviewed by William Bridgeman, April 12, 2018

William V. Bridgeman: In His Own Words

Hello, my name is William Bridgeman and I interviewed my Grandpa about World War II.

The name is William Bridgeman Jr. and I was 13 or 14 when the war started.

What did everyone talk about during WWII?

Mainly there were stories about the different battles that were going on in Europe and the Pacific and the advancement of the troops, and every once in a while there would be something else of local interest that would come on, but the first story on the news and in the headlines on the newspaper everyday was the war.

Take Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was the one that ordered the invasion of Europe and finally ended up with the end of the war, and it was a very, very hairy decision because the weather was against him, but he went on with it and it proved to be a success, and he later became the president of the United States. Thatís just one of them. There was many of them. George Patton was another one. He ruled with an iron hand and a lot of people liked the way he did work and he won a lot of battles in Europe. And there was another one, a British General, called Mountbatten that did a lot of work in the far east and the deserts and so forth with the tanks against the Germans.

What were some of the daily effects of World War II on your family?

I think the most of them was rationing and things that disappeared from general use that went into the war effort. A lot of stuff to do with the automobiles: gasoline and rubber tires and everything that were almost impossible to get -- and if you did get them they cost a lot of money.

My mother was an air warden, she was in charge of every time the sirens went off she would have to put on her helmet and go out in the street and make sure everybody had their lights out.

And really the only campaign that was going on was in Europe with the Nazi Party and Japan came in at a later date when America entered the war with them and started sending troops over there. That conflict in Europe started in about 37, 38, 39 something like that so that was going on a little bit before Japan really became a factor in the world.