Adam Levitt

As Interviewed by Aaryan Sharma, March 11, 2017

Adam Levitt: In His Own Words

Id like to talk about my last job, which was being a combat advisor. So, my team was the advisory team for the Sixth Iraqi Division. It was very, very important, and I got to see some monumental things.

For example, there was one patrol that we went on, and there was this famous road that had been closed because terrorists kept bombing them -- and it was very, very dangerous for a long time. Well, I got to see the reopening of this road.

There was a big, big ceremony, lots of people on the streets, and I witnessed something that I never ever thought I would witness. But to celebrate this reopening, I think it might have been a mayor or something like that, he had a goat: a sacrificial goat. And right on the street, he slit the goats throat, and the goat was sacrificed. There was blood, just running through the streets, and everybody was so happy and jubilant. So that was both a significant event that I got to be a part of and see, but also -- what a crazy cultural experience for me.