Maciej Stoszko

As Interviewed by Milosh S., March 15, 2018

Maciej Stoszko: In His Own Words

Hello, my name is Maciej Stoszko. I came from Poland. I studied Computer Science and I am a software engineer.

Well the economy in Krakow was slightly better than everywhere else -- maybe not everywhere -- but pretty much bigger cities had better economy than smaller towns or villages. But still it was pretty, pretty rough. Poland was still a communist country, and it couldnít really produce what people needed. And then when the communism kind of ended in 1899 -- then changes started to go faster and faster and now, for more than quarter century, almost 30 years now, itís improving and, finally, people can see the differences.

There was a lot of bragging about sometimes made up successes of the Communist Party or Poland, though usually it didnít make much sense to people who went to live there. We as children very often were kind of forced to attend May the First marches, attend some big socialist or communist meetings, and kind of act as cheerleaders. And it was pretty, pretty boring.

Even if the food stores had pretty much empty shelves, there was a lot of small kind of market places where you could buy food directly from the farmers -- and you know that was simple things some potatoes, some cabbage, carrots, depending on the season, apples, other fruits. And then pretty much every family cooked for themselves.

Many times I was wondering what it would be if I stayed in Poland, but you know I could always go back. I could just pack my bag and decide -- ďHey, this American adventure is not for me. I donít care much for itĒ -- and go back. And there were a couple of moments when I really felt I should go back, but, overall, I liked it here, I realized that there were some unique opportunities, some great opportunities here in this country -- and I decided to stay. Well maybe I had to decide it many times over and over again, but hey, Iím here, my family is here, so I guess I will stay here.