Kat DeWees

As interviewed by Tyler Hawkins, March 10, 2018

Kat DeWees

Can you remember the first time you had to deal with issues of social justice?

My mom was in grad school, and she had a best friend who was gay, and I loved him. He made my birthday cake! I remember them talking about areas where he did not feel comfortable to be who he was in Lubbock, and I felt sad at that time. I was also aware of gender inequities within my own family -- my grandmother was the very traditional stay-at-home and make the meals and do all the dishes... But my mother broke that mold a little, and thatís what resonated with me.

Your thoughts about sexism remind me of our current president. Can you explain your thoughts about our president?

My first knowledge of Donald Trump was certainly not when he was president but when he was a reality show person. He definitely struck me as a person who was sexist in the way he talked to and treated women. [When he won the election] I was stunned, and I remember it vividly. We were watching, and as we sat staring at the TV, and seeing which way it was going, there was just an eerie silence. I have a group of core friends who were in a state of shock after he was elected.

And one of my friends said that they knew someone who was actually going to go to Washington D.C. to the Womenís March, and Was I interested in going? And absolutely I was! And we set off to D.C.

We met at a dark parking lot at 5am in the morning. And we all came together -- women who did know each other but were definitely like-minded... We just got on that bus and drove all the way to D.C. And then we met people on the bus and heard each otherís stories. But the march itself Ė it was unbelievably powerful. [I was honored to be a member of this vast movement] of like-minded women coming together, being a part Ė a small part Ė of this surging movement was really unlike anything Iíve ever experienced, and probably will ever experience.