Eric Copt

As Interviewed by Wilson Nasi, March 16, 2018

Eric Copt in His Own Words

Well before the civil rights I was born and raised in small town in Kansas and as for civil rights growing up there was no skin color difference between the people that I grew up with, that I hunted with, that I played sports with, and whatever and I had many African American friends, hunting partners, sports partners, and whatever so it wasn't like the deep south, and the families I grew up around when I was going to school.

I graduated in 1961 and I joined the Navy in 1962. I was in the Navy for 4 years and spent many hours and in boot camp in Navy schools, including submarine school in New London, Connecticut, with lots, well not lots, but a percentage of African Americans. And, even on the submarine I was on, we had African Americans. So, I neverů we had Spanish people, we had people from the Philippines, we had all sorts of folks, skin color was not, not a deal.