Bonnie Durkee

As Interviewed by Kristin S, March 15, 2018

Bonnie Durkee: In Her Own Words

This is Kristin Svahn interviewing Bonnie Durkey about social about injustices she has faced throughout her life. Bonnie is a resident of Mobile Loaves and Fishes Community First, which is a 27-acre master-planned community that provides affordable, permanent housing in a supportive community for the disabled and chronically homeless in Central Texas.

I am a formerly homeless United States veteran who is blind, who is an under-the-knee amputee, and Iím a lot of things but Iím not always what everyone expects me to be. And when people start making judgments about other people, thatís where problems begin.

This is Bonnie talking about her struggles every day in her wheelchair.

My telephone is across the room, and I hear it ringing. I forget that I... I just react. I stand up, and I fall down because I forget. And I accept that Iím probably not going to get that phone call. So youíre going to have to turn around and go, ďOkay. Will they call back again? I hope so!Ē I never expected to have to get up in the morning and reach for a wheelchair. But I will have to learn to accept the fact that there have been changes in my life.

This is Bonnie talking about people making fun of her.

We are what we claim to be. We have to be willing to accept the names that they call us, but we have to show them that the words that we use are just as hurtful as the actions sometimes.

This is what Bonnie thinks the biggest misconception is about being homeless.

You can be homeless and living in a million-dollar mansion. Out on the streets I learned one thing, a home is where your heart is.

We are like the Island of Misfit Toys Ė we are the exceptional people.