Brittney DeMars

As Interviewed by Sadie Broughton, February 28, 2018

Brittney DeMars: In Her Own Words

When I went through my teenage years, my family, I grew up in a single parent home. Iím the oldest of four girls, and so I felt like I always had to be the strong one, the responsible one, but it was never like... I, I felt that there was so many times where I didnít have someone that I could run to when I was struggling with things emotionally or when I needed to talk to someone because I didnít know how to think through my feelings or why I was feeling a certain way, or things like that. And I always felt like I wanted to be that person to somebody, like I want my students to feel comfortable talking to me, even if itís not like right off the bat where they can just feel like they can openly just tell me anything, but I just want to have that relationship where we can have those conversations where itís like ďIím not okayĒ and they feel comfortable explaining that to me because I did not always have that, and yeahÖ it was really hard.