Patricia Youngdale

As Interviewed by Anjali Ravi, March 10, 2018.

Patricia Youngdale : In Her Own Words

In those days, women didnít have many choices -- so you could be a nurse, you could be a secretary, you could be an airline stewardess, or you could be a teacher And most of us, our mothers said, ďWell you know, you need to get a teaching certificate just in case the husband that you are going to get dies young and you actually have to work.Ē Because women didnít really work past when they started having children.

Do you think you were treated differently as a woman when you were programming?

Yes, definitely. Well, because in those days most women, if they worked, they quit work when they got married or had children. As a matter of fact, I was programming when I was pregnant with my first child -- and when you were seven months pregnant, you had to leave the work force. You couldnít stay for the last two months. And they seldom hired anybody back who had children. But the thing was, the men were always paid more than we were, and we knew that they were, but they had families to support, and the women didnít. We were looking for somebody to support a family that we wanted to have, and so we didnít even complain about the fact that the men were paid more than we were. It seems strange now, but thatís how it was.