As Interviewed by AJ Y., March 18, 2017

N.S: In Her Own Words

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We thought of America as a place that you want to go, at least just see. Everyone says its a land of opportunities, and we really wanted to test that.Yea better opportunities, better place.

So basically you have your family here already, and then you also have opportunities.

Yes, exactly.Exactly.

So...do you regret your choice of America?
No, Not at all.

Is it easier to do certain things in India or harder?

It's easier here, itís a lot easier here.The best thing about America is that you have everything well documented and there are not too many ways to do the same thing, there's only one way to do a thing.

So what do you like most about America?

It's kind of the question about the fact is in America that if you really want to do something, you can do it.You have the opportunity, if you work hard, you will achieve what you want.And that is a fact.

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[Now my interviewee will talk about her brother in law*]

His story was more interesting than ours because he was a big shot lawyer in India, a lawyer, an attorney.

Oh your brother was?

He was a lawyer and when he came here, he could get that job again because there were certain professions you would need to learn again.
When he got here he was working Temp jobs for six, seven months and he stayed with us. And then now -- like with America and jobs, it's a land of opportunity -- he is now the CEO of a company, a law firm.

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