Amy Ponder

As Interviewed by Lincoln Ponder, April 2019

Amy Ponder: In her own words

I work for an organization that is called Families Count. It is a new and innovative organization. Families Count helps bio families to work and get there kiddos out of foster care. It is a parenting class for the parents that they can take and fulfill the requirement of the court so they can get their kiddos back.

When you think about foster care you maybe think about adoption and adoptive parents. What is often not thought is about the kid that goes back home to live with mom and dad. Who was taken out of because what is suspicion of abuse or neglect by the state. The state of Texas is like hey we arenít sure what is happening in your home we are going to remove your kids and make you go through a lot of requirements. If you fulfill those requirements we are going to give you your kiddos back. So Families Count is a parenting class that fulfills the parenting class requirement that the parents have to go through.

It is one of the many many classes that the parents have to go through. They have to do other kinds of classes, drug tests sporadically, and have to go to court. What I like about families count is we are getting the parents who are really working, trying to get their kids back. These are the ones that you want to get behind cause they are doing the work and trying hard. They love their kids and the kids love them. The parents often need support from the community to bring their families back together.