Janet Wenzel

As Interviewed by Marley Wenzel, March 24, 2019

Janet Wenzel in her own words

My name is Janet Wenzel. I grew up in San Antonio Texas. I went to Texas Tech University and I majored in marketing. When I graduated with my marketing degree I wanted to work for a beverage company, and they suggested I before I started working for the corporate side and marketing that I needed to work at a distributorship. So I got a job in Fort Worth at the distributor where I was doing merchandising and promotions, which mean I would go to the different stores, merchandise the beverages, do the different promotions and working a lot with sales reps and the drivers delivery of the product.

One day when I first started, I was probably just on the job for a week or so. I was driving with the sales rep and we got to a store location and met the delivery guy, and the sales rep said to the delivery guy as I was getting out of the car “Hey I've got a fresh piece of meat for you”( Referring to me). Clearly, at that point, I wanted to make sure, number one that I was safe, so I just ignored what he said, turned around and went into the store to make sure I was in a safe environment.

It was clear to me then that type of industry and field would not be necessarily a good one for me to go in because clearly, they did not respect me for what I had to offer to the position. And so subsequently I left the company as well as Fort Worth and moved back home. That impacted my career because during college I actually had an internship at the same company and it went really great. And so it really changes my direction of my career from working at that beverage company and ended up (ultimately ended up at) Austin where I started working at Dell Computer Corporation.