Sabrina De Veylder-Pahwa

As Interviewed by Iago A., March 23, 2019

Sabrina De Veylder-Pahwa: In Her Own Words

Her message was: “You have to be able to be independent, financially independent.” I think it was her way of telling me how important it was, as a woman, to be able to stand for yourself, and to not depend on someone else.

It comes down to having freedom to choose. This comes from thousands of years of stigma in our societies, that we were raised in different ways based on our gender. To me, what is wrong today with women’s rights is that we’re still carrying these stigmas, and therefore, for women today, it is still a challenge to get outside of that box, and be recognized for other things, whether is work or personal that are not the typical labels attached to women.

The first thing is awareness, and it is awareness across women and across men. Making sure that we all know those things exist. That it happens very often on a daily basis, regardless of your income level, regarded of your race, ethnicity, etcetera… Those things exist around us all the time. So first of all is to be aware of this. Second of all is advocate women’s rights and equality between men and women’s rights. That can be talking about it, that can be sharing your experiences. Finally is acting on it. Everybody who is aware of it and who has experienced something, or maybe who has somebody who went through something like that, speak up and take action.