Sam Pagel

As Interviewed by Bryceton West, March 24, 2019

Sam Pagel: In His Own Words

My name is Sam Pagel. I am your uncle. I work for a large health insurance company here in the United States. I work in the Medicare Advantage area, and I mainly handle policies, procedures and compliance related matters so I am familiar with a lot of what goes on in our company. My education is a Masters in Business Administration, a Masters in Healthcare Administration and I recently earned a Six Sigma Green Belt.

[Managed plans] are good for most people. I think a lot of people donít really go to a lot of different doctors on a whim. A lot of times people will think, ďOh well, I need to go see an ear doctor because my ear hurts.Ē Well, maybe the ear doctor charges more and maybe they have a longer wait time and maybe they can just go to their primary care doctor first and get it checked out. Maybe itís just an ear infection that they can treat pretty easily and at a low cost. So, I think those plans are helpful in a lot of cases and I do think that they help to keep the cost of care down overall.

So the first thing I would say is definitely save some money, young people are going to save money to buy things like cars and houses and things like that, but set aside some money for your healthcare as well. Especially if youíre a young person and you have a chronic condition like maybe you have a heart condition or maybe youíre overweight or something like that so definitely prepare yourself for some health related expenses but there are some other things that you can do like signing up for healthcare savings accounts. There are options for those within different health insurance companies. So itís like a bank account, you put money into it but you can only take the money back out if youíre using it for a health expense like a doctorís visit or a hospital visit or prescription medicine, so I would recommend that.