Corinne Sumpter

As Interviewed by Franny Thompson, March 21, 2019

...My name is Corinne Sumpter. I am a lawyer.

I thought about pursuing a PHD program but I was also in women’s studies. That was my double major. And I really was fascinated by issues of feminism, equal rights, equal protection. So, I decided to go to law school instead. Originally when I started law school I thought I would be interested in prosecuting sex crimes and domestic violence cases. So, trying to put people in jail for breaking the law and protect women who were victims.

While I was in law school I did some internships and clinical experiences and summer jobs that were in domestic violence, mental health law. Actually two in domestic violence. And I was kind of frustrated in those jobs, not so much the mental health job, but in the two domestic violence organizations I worked with because it was right in the beginning when people became more aware of domestic violence and there was a lot of push to prosecute those cases more and protect women more, but the way they went about it in these particular organizations and a lot of organizations at that time, they decided to step in and make decisions for women like “you must leave your husband, boyfriend, whatever”, you must do this, you must do that. And I felt like that was the same thing that their husbands, boyfriends were doing, they were controlling them and giving them a lot of ultimatums and I thought it was messier than that. And that was frustrating to me because I didn’t think that was the best way to go about helping these women.