About Sean Hassan

As Interviewed by Aliza Chauthani, 03/21/19

Sean Hassan in His Own Words

Ö When I ran for the board, one of the reasons I ran was I felt that for a lot of people who attend ACC, they donít just have to worry about what theyíre doing in class, but they also have to worry about what their lives outside of class. 80% of our students work while theyíre in school. A significant amount of students, and we have 55,000 students, are working adults who have kids. So they have to worry about little babies just like I have to worry about my toddler. Whoís going to take care of my child? So on top of working and trying to take care of your family youíre now trying to fit in an education. You donít just have to worry about focusing all your time on studying to take my exam, or Iím going to focus all my time on writing this paper. Now you have to worry about first of all, how do I take care of all of these other things going on in my life and then with whatever time I have left Iím going to spend studying. And thatís not always the best way to approach studying, but they donít have a choice.