John Allen McLaughlin II

As Interviewed by Ethan McLaughlin, March 15, 2019

John Allen McLaughlin III: In His Own Words

Ethan: Hello my name is Ethan McLaughlin from Ms.Kepner’s A3 class and today we will recording my grandpa, John Allen McLaughlin III about racial discrimination. Say Hi.

John Allen Mclaughlin III: Hi!

Ethan: What are your views on racism?

John Allen Mclaughlin III: Well, i'm totally against it. I think you need to look at a person as what their mindset is, between their ears, and about their heart, and that comes first before the color of their skin. Color of their skin should never have anything to do about what a person really is.

Ethan: That has been my interview with John Allen McLaughlin about racial discrimination. Thank you!

John Allen Mclaughlin III: Thanks for interviewing me Ethan.

Ethan: No problem.