Miraci Hipolito da Costa e Silva

As Interviewed by Betina Yama, March 24, 2019

Miraci: In Her Own Words

I am Miraci Hipolito da Costa e Sliva. I have syringomyelia, which infected, and lead to arachnoiditis. Itís hard to believe but for the glory of God, people see me in a way as if I donít have a wheelchair, and that I help people. Meaning that I have a good guided day, I pray, and people seek me for advice. I would tell people with that same condition as to me to not give up, and always treat yourself, and believe that in the future, something good will come. You have to believe because most people that I know with wheelchairs, itís so surprising. I mean the person that helps me here, says sheís never seen someone like me. Everyoneís frozen and no one does anything, so I would give the advice to never give up and donít lose hope.

When IÖ wellÖ woke up and the sun rose, I basically couldnít walk anymore, I remembered I had four kids to take care of. And it was very hard for me, very very hard. But again, I never stopped, never lost courage to keep going, so even though I had people to help me, I still raised all of my children.

Now, I am taking tests for an entrance exam so I can go to school for phycology. And in the beginning, I never gave up on my treatments, and I still believe a miracle will happen and I will take off walking.